File Sharing and Crooked Solicitors File Sharing and Crooked Solicitors
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    Default File Sharing and Crooked Solicitors

    File Sharing and Crooked Solicitors

    Well worth reading the whole article and comments.

    A London solicitor at the centre of a dispute over alleged illegal file sharing could face a huge costs bill after a judge ruled that he had breached the code of conduct and ‘brought the legal profession into disrepute’.

    Judge Birss, sitting in the Patent County Court, allowed the first stage of an application for wasted costs against Andrew Crossley and his firm ACS:Law last week.

    Crossley sent thousands of letters on behalf of client Media CAT, a company that pursues alleged copyright infringers.

    The correspondence demanded around £500 in compensation from people whom Media CAT claimed had illegally shared pornographic films via the internet.

    Crossley brought court proceedings against 27 defendants, but attempted to discontinue the actions. Last month Birss formally struck out the proceedings, prompting some of the defendants to pursue Crossley for costs.

    Birss ruled that Crossley had breached the Solicitors Code of Conduct by entering a prima facie ‘improper and champertous’ agreement with Media CAT, under which he would receive 65% of any damages collected from the alleged file sharers.
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    Probably the only answer you'll get but I collect stuff like this. In any small media/software company infringement is a major concern. Have recently had some twat trying to claim trademark infringement against my company.

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