Gold Found On Paris Train Gold Found On Paris Train
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    Default Gold Found On Paris Train

    BBC News - Mystery gold ingots found on Paris train go unclaimed

    A suitcase containing 20kg (44 lbs) of gold bars has been found on a train near Paris.

    The bomb squad was called in after an employee found a suspect package on board the RER train at Massy-Palaiseau station on Thursday.

    The case was found to contain 20 ingots, with a value of around 800,000 euros ($1m; £670,000) should they prove to be genuine gold.
    Someone out there is feeling very doomed
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    DP wasn't going to go back just for his loose change.
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    Can't CCTV pick up a description of whoever took the suitcase onboard?

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    Pahhhh, in the old days, before the IRA and rampant paranoia, someone would have handed that suitcase in and then got it when it went unclaimed ....

    Does finders keepers still apply here to the person that raised the alarm?

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