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    Was sat watching this on dvd with my brother and nephew while the missuses went shopping in Tiger on Saturday.

    Couldn't believe the episode in which a Sikh gentleman accompanied by his elephant makes an appearance.

    Back at the station, Jones says to Dai: "I've just seen a funny man who looks like he's got a boiled pudding on his head".

    We laughed. Just as well his mum wasn't there - she wants him to grow up to be a social worker or something.

    I also saw The Dambusters on Sunday. Surprised to see that the dog is dull called the N word.

    Should these things be censored? I don't like all this revisionist bollocks personally.

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    There should be no censorship of past inequalities - we cannot change the past. We can only make things better in the future.

    On the other hand, my mother recently gave me some old books. My daughter took a great interest in one - EPAMINONDAS And His Mammy's Umbrella.: Amazon.co.uk: Constance: KENNEDY, A.E. [Illustrator] EGAN: Books - I have heard it described as the most racist book ever - but it seems to be worth a few quid so I am holding onto it.

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    I have a sense of deja vu reading this thread.
    I'm alright Jack

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlasterBates View Post
    I have a sense of deja vu reading this thread.
    Not again!

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