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    Default Cameron on Scotland

    I am astonished at the rebellious disposition which unhappily exists in some of my colonies.

    OK, actually it was George III on America, but it looks pretty similar to me.
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    Not what I heard him say:
    "I passionately believe in the future of our United Kingdom. I passionately believe we are stronger together rather than breaking apart.

    He added: "But we have to respect the fact that Scotland voted for a separatist party at those Scottish parliamentary elections, so the first thing it is right to do is to make clear the legal position about the referendum."

    "Too many in the SNP are happy to talk about the process; they don't want to talk about the substance.

    "It's not a referendum they want; it's a never-endum. Let's have the debate and let's keep our country together."
    Just saying like.

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