WorldSpreads shares suspended over 'irregularities' - Telegraph

Not always it seems.

Dealings were halted shortly after midday as management announced "possible financial irregularities" had been uncovered. The company has also stopped taking new business.

The move came just two days after the sudden resignation of chief executive Conor Foley, the group's largest shareholder, who stepped down with immediate effect. His departure was preceded in February by Niall O'Kelly, who resigned as chief financial officer as the Dublin-based group announced it would report a loss for the year following an "unusual pattern of client trading".

Lindsay McNeile, who on Wednesday was named the company's executive chairman, said concerns were raised this morning when the new management was going through the group's numbers.

"They came across an issue in the financials that made them extremely uncomfortable and caused them to make the necessary reports to our regulator," he said. "It has hit us like a sledgehammer, it is [a] completely new [issue]."

Us dirty spekulants are getting quite good.