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    Quote Originally Posted by ashly007 View Post

    I have got 2 questions.

    1. This is my first contract, have been applying & following up with all possible agencies. Getting good response, my CV is been placed in almost 45 locations in the past 1 month. But till date there is not even a single response to my CV. What is the avg response time from applying by the agency to secure a contract.

    2. Finally got 1 interview call for Santander (Milton Keyens) for a position of PM. Its been 3 days and no response on the interview, followed up with the agent but even he is clueless. What is the avg response time for PM contract interview with Santander & other places in general?

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    I bet he spelled ashley wrong too
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    Default Thank You

    Thank you guys for all the tips & guidance.....and thanks for some of you to put some filler jokes in makes the thread really interesting to read!!!

    I finally got the response from Santander after 3 weeks & was called for the face-to-face interview. Now the wait for the face-to-face interview begins.

    Does anyone know if Santander is fine with contractors who do not have their own ltd company? Basically associated with umbrella ltd company because as they would be on Tier 2 General visa category & not Tier1 or British citizen?

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