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    Just to make you chaps feel better: it’s not just IT where projects go bad

    I have been drafted on to a new project that is 25% through its programme, the entire original commercial team have been fired / left, (possibility of misconduct) before they went they have deleted files all over.

    The documentation is shocking, costs are spiralling, & there is a strong possibility the steel frame subbie is going under.

    We are 3 weeks behind schedule, (with horrendous LAD’s) morale is in the basement, the rain is turning the site into a bog.

    Oh & no smoking on site so I have to get on the bus & go back to the gate for a fag

    On the plus side it's 45mins from home, it can’t get any worse, it may motivate me into giving up smoking & the site caff does a tasty bacon butty

    Going to be an interesting few months un-picking the mess
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