Piercing discrimation allowed? Piercing discrimation allowed?
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    Default Piercing discrimation allowed?

    The 'wrong type of people': Bride and groom 'humiliated' after wedding email blunder - Telegraph

    "they were discriminated against due to Mr Carty’s age and appearance, including his pierced eyebrow and two tiny earrings."

    Should they be given £1800 each for piercing discrimination?

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    <insert random Prince Albert joke>
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    "A representative of the hotel has now apologised for the email error, promising the member of staff who sent it would be “dealt with internally”."

    Rubber gloves?

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    So the hotel's wedding planner is not only a snooty cow and a bigot, she also can't even send an email without forwarding it to half the world?

    The hotel deserves to be taken for every penny the couple can get

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    the hotel was featured in a Bond film ??

    was that the one starring piercing Brosnan ?

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    I got told at an interview once for DWP that I would have to take my eyebrow piercing out.

    At the end of the interview, got offered the gig and knocked it back. The bloody woman doing the interview said "Is it because of what I said about your eyebrow ?" Erm, no love, it was the rate actually !! Should maybe have sued
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    They were so humiliated that they felt bound to make themselves feel even more humiliated by publicising their humiliation to the readers of the Telegraph.
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    Definitely, and tattoos. Though reading the story there is no mention of piercings except that the old looking woman (27 lol) thinks that might be a reason why.

    Personally Id take this as a message from above, its not meant to be love. Unless he's loaded and has terminal cancer of course.

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    I used to know this computer science professor who would offer a ciggy to anyone he interviewed and if they accepted would be not given the job.

    As an aside he is dead now, jewish, got out Germany on a train load of kids in the late 30s ( only enough room for children ones ) and his parents were killed in the camps. Brutal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotAllThere View Post
    They were so humiliated that they felt bound to make themselves feel even more humiliated by publicising their humiliation to the readers of the Telegraph.

    Daily Wail too
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