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    Anyone remember the double horror they used to do on BBC2 on Saturday nights back in the day?

    Used to start off with an old Bela Lugosi or Boris Karloff number (The Old Dark House was a favourite) followed by something more up to date; normally something with Christopher Lee or Peter Cushing.

    My favourite ones, though, were the portmanteaus; the ones made up of a number of different stories. Bunch of people thrown together into a particular situation, e.g. fellow travellers on a train and each has a ghoulish tale to tell. Then, the train reaches its destination, they alight and find themselves in hell. Think that was Dr Terror's House of Horrors.

    Well, tonight's offering is one of those films. It's called Asylum and stars a young Robert Powell. He's going for a job in a lunatic asylum and his interview task is to ascertain which of the inmates is Dr Starr who used to work in the hospital.

    This consists of his visiting a number of inmates in their cells and, yes, each has a creepy story before the plot takes its final twist.

    But, before that, in true double horror style, there is the B&W film to watch.Quite tempted on White Zombie or The Raven. Hmmmm perhaps a glass of Cardinal Mendoza will help the decision making process.

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    Did you know they've remade the Raven ?

    Much better than the original, with that goggle-eyed guy, but the plot bears little resemblance. In fact the name is about the only thing in common

    By coincidence, I've just bought a few '70s horror films to watch in my lodgings during the week. First up will be A Warning to the Curious (1972), based on a story by probably the best ever ghost story writer M R James
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