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    Not quite...but its funny how many people are contacting me with offers of projects:

    - on Friday I have to go to Frankfurt for a face to face for a very long contract. Telephone has already been done and seems to be already in the bag

    - CV is also at the same place for another long project but via a different company but in the same area, could be interesting

    - contacted today about a 5 monther in Nürnberg but will probably turn it down as there is no chance of an extension, I don't think its really for me and the agency drone told me that they couldn't give me the rate I wanted and that no-one else would either (all the other project either have offered the same or more) and that in the current economic climate, companies are cutting back which kind of contradicts what I'm seeing. I think as agents don't know the different areas in IT she might be half right but in my area, its booming'ish

    - the quickie one that got cancelled a few weeks back has just been offered again, by 3 companies and has now changed from being a 7-10 day quickie has now become a 6 month plus. Looks like they might be getting rid of their current crop of people and getting a new lot in.

    - turned down 4 others in the last 10 days as I wasn't interested in them or they wanted someone to start ASAP

    - possible extension o the current one as well

    Hopefully everyone else is looking good
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    Very good indeed.

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    Congrats! Good to know u are in demand! All good here.
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    Things certainly seem to be picking up in Deutschland.

    Am ever hopeful that miracles might happen in cloggers.

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