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    Quote Originally Posted by northernladuk View Post
    Ok, that was mean. Spent 20 mins waiting to see what was going to appear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeitghost View Post
    Pink plastic?

    This is a Proper Meccano set:

    Meccano outfit 9, circa 1949, parts complete | eBay

    The Number 10 set came in a large wooden box.

    You had to be seriously rich to buy one of those new.

    A mint condition Number 10 set went for £3k some years ago.
    One of my ambitions as a nipper was to upgrade all the way to Number 10. I discovered girls and foreign travel before I got that far.

    The red and green paint used prior to the yellow and silver scheme had lead in it.

    I distinctly remember the Concerned Parents asking "Do you suck your Meccano?"

    "No", I lied.

    That might explain a thing or two.

    I'm not sure.
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