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    Default Job of the Day

    Today's winner, Damco as usual, Bob agency....

    AIX Administrator – (Migration Engineer)

    Location: Redbroke Hall, Knutsford, UK

    Duration: 6-12 months + Possible Extension

    Technical Experience:

    3+ years extensive experience in UNIX/AIX systems administration
    Good Experience writing and debugging shell/Perl Scripts
    Install and Configure with Version 5.3 and 6.1 in AIX
    Strong Experience with AIX performance tuning and capacity planning
    Extensive Experience with Power5, 6, and 7 architectures, including VIO, LPARing, and HMCstechnologies.
    Experience in GPFS cluster installation/management and Oracle RACs environment
    Experience with IBM BladeCenters
    NIM administration Experience mentoring other administrators
    Hitachi/IBM/Brocade SAN architecture and storage administration
    Install, configure and test Power HA version 5.4.1 on Virtual Clients.
    Implement system management/monitor systems

    That's a £450/500 a day job normally, now yours at £180, hahaha

    I'm applying on the basis it must mean £180 an hour like Sas gets....

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