There is hope for us geeks yet There is hope for us geeks yet
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    Default There is hope for us geeks yet

    Japan's naughty nurses scam free meals with mobile games ? The Register

    This particularly devious scam is on the rise in the Land of the Rising Sun as single Japanese women struggle to pay the bills and have enough for three square meals a day, according to News Post Seven (via RocketNews24).

    The report we've linked to isn't entirely comprehensive but does detail a rather compelling account from Ms A, a 28-year old nursery school teacher living in Tokyo, who says she uses the social gaming scam to supplement her meagre income.

    She apparently begins by asking her victim a game-related question such as “what’s the best way to fight”, before taking the conversation into more personal matters, all the while trying to elicit info from the man to see how much he’s worth.

    The moment of truth comes when Ms A drops into the conversation the fact that her dinner plans have been cancelled at late notice and, when the guy suggests himself as a last minute replacement, she claims not to have the money.

    The gaming geek will usually offer to pay for the meal – from start to finish the whole scam taking just 15 minutes.

    loved this comment:

    I fell for a scam like this ...
    ... and ended up paying for a house, 2 cars, and the children's education.
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    So paying for a meal on a date is considered a scam now?

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    I'm happy to pay for the meal. As long as she drinks my man-sauce dessert..

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    Boo, I was expecting a much more interesting story, with pics from that headline.

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    A scam? Seriously?

    Next they will say that lying through your teeth to get a girl into bed is a 'scam'!
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