Orgasms make you healthy, wealthy and wise! Orgasms make you healthy, wealthy and wise!
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    Default Orgasms make you healthy, wealthy and wise!

    Can an orgasm make you smarter, healthier, happier - even cure addiction? Rowan Pelling gets wired up during climax to find out...
    Dr Barry Komisaruk has dedicated 30 years of life to exploring the Big O
    Critical areas of brain are flooded with blood and nutrients during orgasm
    Memory, decision-making and emotion areas of brain all benefit
    Orgasms already known to have pain-blocking effect on brain
    Now hopes that 'orgasm therapy' could be used to improve brain function
    Has potential to treat depression, anxiety, pain, addiction and obesity
    Rowan is first British woman to take part in the New York doctor's study
    Nobody needs to convince me that orgasms are good for your health. As a former editor of The Erotic Review and a veteran sex columnist, I've written about sex for more than 17 years. I've interviewed fetishists, swingers, sadists and even met a charming lady from Sevenoaks who ran a bordello.

    But I've yet to meet a man who has devoted as much time and energy to the female orgasm as the avuncular 72-year-old who is currently peering down at me as I sit on a medical table just outside New York.

    Dr Barry Komisaruk has dedicated 30 years of his life to exploring the science of the Big O, and I'm so intrigued by his research that I have volunteered to become one of his human orgasm guinea pigs. I will be the first British woman to take part in his project.

    Is there nothing that the DM won't do to drive clicks? meat of the story above if you are an Anti Clicker.

    So are all you geniuses getting some?
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    I want to see the hand of history on his collar.

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    Rowan managed to climax twice - a feat she is proud of in playing her role in research

    Interesting article. Now I know why my GF is so smart, healthy and happy

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