Systems/ Computer Engineer - Remote - 6 Months + Systems/ Computer Engineer - Remote - 6 Months +
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    Default Systems/ Computer Engineer - Remote - 6 Months +

    Negotiable - the magic word. Pity I'm not an IT nerd.

    My client has a requirement for a Level 3 Systems Engineer to provide Level 3 Support within a Data Centre in Germany. The successful candidate will provide Level 3 Support, help with Incident Escalation and Project Work. The initial contract will be 6 months with the chance to extend. Candidates will need to be experts in this area, able to consult, problem solve, tackle challlenges and also provide hands-on support. You will not be based on site, you will work remotely instead, your application will be considered as long as you can work during Central European Times - (9am - 6pm) or (10am - 7pm).

    Essential Skills (Must Have All):

    * Strong experience providing level 3 support

    * SUSE/ RHEL - Linux

    * Cisco UCS (Unified Computing System)

    * Citrix Xenserver

    * HP Blades - HP C7000


    * Knowledge of VMWARE

    * Overall knowledge of Converged Infrastructure

    Contract: 6 Months +

    Rate: Negotiable (EURO's)

    Location: Remote

    Start: ASAP

    Please send CV's.

    Kind Regards,
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    I did a contract once at Level 3, do they still exist? Actually this position isn't really level 3 support but more level 1-2, for me level 3 is when it goes back to the developer so this means that whomever is doing the project above also would have to fix bugs in VMWare, Linux, etc.
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    level 1 = scripts
    Level 2= scripts, guesswork + asking level 3
    Level 3 = Coffee & pizza until fixed.
    Level 4 back to vendor / developer.
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