I was due to start a contract on Monday away from home. The contracts were signed Friday afternoon with said start date and I booked a hotel for the week. Later that evening I had a call to say the start date had been changed to Tuesday. At this point I wasn't overly bothered and just travelled up Monday afternoon (100 miles). When about 20 miles from destination I had a call from the agent delaying until Wednesday, too late to turn back so I stayed. I have now had a call at 5.30pm today saying the contract wont start until Monday next week.

Would you claim all your expenses? Hotel/ mileage/ food? The notice timeframe is poor at best so I think I deserve compensation for paying for someone else's mistake, as well as wasting my time.

The recruiter has said its unlikely the client will want to pay, but blame the client for cancelling. Whats my best option?