Coming over here and not sh*gging our women Coming over here and not sh*gging our women
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    Default Coming over here and not sh*gging our women

    Show more CANADIAN-MADE PORN, insists Canadian government

    Canada's official broadcasting regulator has demanded that adult TV channels show more domestically-produced porn, saying that a flood of foreign smut is dominating their output.

    It seems that Canadian regulations require that 35 per cent of programming on any TV channel must be produced beneath the maple-leaf banner, and apparently certain Toronto-based outlets have violated this wholesome ruling.
    Nothing like a bit of protectionism.
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    I thought this was the funniest bit...

    The grumblecasters are also in trouble for failing to provide enough closed-captioning in order that the linguistically- or auditorially-challenged be able to savour the full quality of the dialogue on offer.
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