December Venue suggestions

December Venue suggestions

  1. norrahe
    Cheese and wine tasting
    Tapas (need to find a decent venue that's not a chain, but not stupidly priced)
    Japanese (as above)
    Dim Sum in Chinatown
  2. mudskipper
    I'll pass on this one, so feel free to go as spicy as you like!

    Will aim to make Christmas beers though.
  3. Scrag Meister
    Scrag Meister
    My 2 least favourite would be the Cheese and Wine, well the wine anyway, and the Japanese.

    Although the person who put my least favourite thing (Wine) and my favourite thing (Cheese) together is a a bit of a masochist.

    Any of the others are fine by me.
  4. hyperD
    I'm game for any food so I'll go with the group consensus.
  5. norrahe
    Chesse and wine together thing - I blame the French
  6. Bunk
    Apart from cheese and wine they're all fine with me, probably a slight preference for Tapas or Tayab but happy with any of the others.
  7. SimonMac
    I will go with the flow for venue
  8. norrahe
    Cheese and wine it is then.

    Ill try and investigate Tapas or Tayabs for Jan (unless everyone is on a diet after Xmas)
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