February Grub club - Last one

February Grub club - Last one

  1. norrahe
    As mentioned to some of you last night, the proposal for the last grub club is a contractor style feast. Might as well go back to cloggers with a bang

    The venue is St John

    I mentioned they do a suckling pig feast, the only snag is you need to pay for the pig up front which is £360 ( this then comes off the final bill), you do get the whole pig and 2 other courses. Given that there is normally about 10 of us, it would work out at £36 a head which is not bad considering the other places we've been to so far.

    Overall with drinks we're looking at £50 a head, possibly.

    If people are interested in coming I'll need the money up front, I will organise a drink in a week or so at the counting house to collect the dosh.
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