The Counting House Drinks and Pub Grub

The Counting House Drinks and Pub Grub

  1. hyperD
    Hi all,

    Sorry about the delay but business has interfered with things that should be more important, such as nights out with CUK Foodies.

    As discussed last time, a few beers and optional pub grub at The Counting House was agreed. To give everyone a little more time, I was initially proposing Tuesday 11th June 18:00.

    The Counting House, London

    Please let me know if this is ok, otherwise I’ll arrange another date.

    Also, whether I should put a post in General for a wider audience?

    Please pass on to those that I’ve accidentally missed off the list!


  2. Scrag Meister
    Scrag Meister
    Should be able to make this, maybe Mrs Scrag too.
  3. norrahe
    Do post in general as not everyone checks the social links.

    Last time we posted in General about 20 odd people turned up, a lot of whom were lurkers.
  4. MarillionFan
    Yip. I can make this. Now I do have some pre-requisites.

    I shall outline these in General...
  5. hyperD

    I’ve booked our normal table on the first floor (left hand side) for Tuesday 11th June at 18:00 onwards at the Counting House, Cornhill, London under the name hyperD.

    The Counting House, Cornhill, London

    Look forward to seeing you all there!


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