Puzzle help

Puzzle help

  1. mudskipper
    GC2PAB0 What's in a name - GAME THEORY (Unknown Cache) in Southern England, United Kingdom created by bmlsg

    Been looking at this for months - got the Cluedo bit, but can't get from there to a set of numbers.

    N51 17.(E+D-A) C (A+(B/F)) W000 47.D ((BxF) - E) C

    A John Green
    B Michael Mustard
    C Patricia Peacock
    D Peter Plum
    E Josephine Scarlet
    F Blanche White
  2. Pondlife
    B/F Everytime
  3. Bunk

    I'll get you for this Mudskipper!
  4. Pondlife
    Can we start ruling stuff out to avoid duplicated headbanging. The number assignments are not;

    Order they roll
    Letters in Surname
    Letters in pawn colour
  5. Bunk
    I'm convinced it's nothing to do with the sum of values of letters in either surname or whole name, eg a=1, b=2 etc. The numbers are too large when you multiply B and F. They have to be fairly low or single digit numbers I think.
  6. mudskipper
    Not snooker balls or cuisenaire (sp?) rods...
  7. mudskipper
    Think that D must be 5,6 or 7 simply based on where the cache is (Trunk Road) and the 0.1 mile exclusion zone from other caches.
  8. Pondlife
    Agree D is 5, 6 or 7 and most of the logs show people "over engineering" the solution which means it should be fairly simple. What I can't get around is the mention of Game Theory which must be more than just Cluedo being a game.
  9. Pondlife
    Any update MS?
  10. mudskipper
    Nope - still no eureka moment.
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