Contractor loans settlement offer - what are people doing? Contractor loans settlement offer - what are people doing?
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    Default Contractor loans settlement offer - what are people doing?

    I've been caught up on this contractor loans affair as I worked for a company in the Isle of Man that actually provided this service. A stipulation of the contract was that I had to use their payment system. It's not as if I used them to avoid tax but obviously I regret it now .

    I just wanted to find out what other people affected by this are doing. Are you taking up the offer or going to continue fighting it?

    I've seen a few companies advertise their services and one I contacted said they could save me a lot of tax as one of the DA letters were invalid but would charge 30% of the money saved to write a few letters . Also wondered if they could actually do so.

    Any info from other people affected by this would be great. Thanks.

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    Hi there,

    Is the company you used still operating? If so, they would be your first port of call. I know not all of them are still going but it's worth finding out and getting in touch with them to start with.

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    As ads says speak to the company if they are still around as the first port of call.

    Also maybe try to find if a group has been formed here for your company/scheme provider.

    Either way I would seek independent legal advice on your own situation rather than rely on what your scheme provider says if they are still around.

    I'd be a bit dubious about any company saying they can kill off these discovery assessments If they're offering no win no fee then maybe but I was fed that line by my scheme provider for a long long time, and unfortunately the reality is a lot different.

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