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    Quote Originally Posted by Wizards Sleeve View Post
    Thank you to all for the replies and input.

    My plan:

    1. No settlement
    2. Wait for LC to be imposed
    3. Do nothing until January 2020
    4. Let them spend tax payers money coming after me for money I don’t have.
    5. Let contract wind down.
    6. Get minimum pay crap job, or go on Job Seekers Allowence.
    7. Deprive HMRC and the government of the Vat/Corporation Tax and suchlike I pay because I will no longer be contracting with my own LTD company.
    8. Because I will be on the minimum wage or Jobseekers, I will offer them £10 per month.
    9. Get the HMRC to cover my NI etc, etc, etc.....

    Well done Mel Stride and his cronies at HMRC, I will cost you, you will get nothing but a very small token from me and I may end up being a burden on the state!

    Swigging cheap cider and watching Jeremy Kyle in my social housing beckons..... what a winning policy all round from the authorities that will force me to do this!

    As I said, I would rather do time than buckle, give in and submit to this lot.

    On the plus side, if I did end up in ‘chokey’ I would have a roof over my head, 3 meals a day, no bills and as much sex as I can handle!!!!

    Cheers folks!
    Apart from the 'ckokey' bit - this is a plan I intend to follow as well

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    Default Not that bad

    Life is not that bad if you do decide to step out from under the -s working at HMRC's grubby hands.

    When I saw how the psychopaths and sociopaths working at HMRC were operating like the mafia ignoring law, I decided unless people wake up and vote to change the system, HMRC is going to win because they have the British propaganda media on their side and all our money to fight us with. Public opinion (voters) is by far mostly still against people like us i.e. we are scr*wed.

    I settled on HMRC's terms but even after they included IHT in their settlement, they still tried to come after me for IHT after I settled and paid up on HMRC's settlement agreement. It hammered my (pension) savings. I was so stressed and pissed off at the whole corrupt system that I decided for my own sanity to step outside. Now instead of me contributing lots of tax to HMRC every month, I've now for years paid hardly any tax because I'm earning hardly anything, sometimes nothing. As a bonus, my blood pressure went down!

    The reason I could do this is because I do not have debt. I adjusted my living standard down a bit but to be honest, I am happy and enjoying life. No stress compared to when I was contracting and I am extremely happy that I am not propping up the buggers at HMRC any more. When . . . . if I run out of money before I go to feed worms, guess what, the state can look after me.

    One thing that I will now always do is to vote against whatever the "system" (bureaucrats) tell me is good for me (but really only good for them when you look into it !!!). I have more free time now to follow people and programs not part of the main propaganda media, you people will be shocked at how you are being manipulated and lied to. Just one example, find out for yourself what is really going on inside the EU on a political, economic or social level. Nuff said.

    But back to my point, life can be enjoyable not propping up this broken corrupt system. I now have time to enjoy life.

    OK off to do a bit of DIY . . . . . hmmm the good life.

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    If you say they inc IHT in your settlement, (and was paid then I assume) how could they request it again? Or was the 2nd time by mistake and from a different dept within HMRC? I know they have trouble communication with each other

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