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    Quote Originally Posted by cojak View Post
    Unless you tell him that you don't want his services and therefore you aren't liable for anything.
    I don't want his services, but I'm not 100% sure that his statements/claims are without foundation or that paying the 6% back would end the matter once and for all.

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    One thing I'm still not sure about is the inheritance tax thing. If I can manage to post the photo of my letter from HMRC is appears to me that if you release the loans the you owe IHT on it.

    My loans don't total anywhere near £325,000 mind, if that's relevant.

    Also as an aside. Someone I know, won't say who, paid off his debt to HMRC and has never been chased by an creditors from IQ. Not even contacted once.

    Edit: don't know how to add a photo.
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