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    Quote Originally Posted by zal View Post
    Unfortunately, that was in a telephone call.
    While I try my best to never phone them, I record any calls with HMRC. I have a free app called ACR which is very good.

    I think for it to be admissible in court, you have to let the other party know you're recording, in which case they probably won't say things they shouldn't; but just for general peace of mind and/or shopping them to a rumour mill, I guess you don't have to let them know...

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    5. You sign and return that offer
    6. HMRC send back an acknowledgement and a copy of that offer, signed by them
    I signed the letter in February and they came back to me in August saying that I need to sign again, because they ran out of time to process the settlement - I said fine. I signed it and never heard again until 2 days ago. I received letter saying that "the government recently announced a review of the disguised remuneration loan charge. We expect that some people will still want to go ahead with settling their tax affairs now. But we recognise that others may want to wait for the government's response to the review before deciding what to do."

    It sounds a little suspicious to me (unless the letter is very generic and they blindly sent it to everyone), because I basically offered them to pay and they are rejecting the offer. It gives me feeling that they may charge me (not sure how and for what since all the money I agreed to pay are just unpaid tax + interests on it) more than I currently agreed to pay. I thought that the whole loan charge applied to people who don't want to settle, so why would reject my settlement offer when I agreed to pay already? Now if I want to settle, I have to send contract - again. I mean sure, at least they are treating people equally, but I am now a little bit hesitant about signing new settlement... I asked them whether the loan charge review could affect my settlement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by swicz View Post

    It sounds a little suspicious to me (unless the letter is very generic and they blindly sent it to everyone)
    I got it too. Seemed to be designed to sweep up any settlers who they might convince to pay up now before the review is complete.

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