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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger22 View Post
    Just received an unsolicited email from Castlemaine Associates (that company name immediately makes me wary) saying:

    "If your client has informed you that you will be caught under the new Off Payroll Working Rules and you will need to work via a PAYE Umbrella... there is another way!"

    with a "Click for Info" button.

    That takes you to a page titled "Partnerships are the new PSC's " offering a solution via Partnerships where you are all self employed and where a "self-employed partner will pay class 2 and 4 National Insurance which amounts to a considerable saving when compared to PAYE umbrella. You will also be able to offset all genuine business expenses and capital assets."

    Sigh. Please tell me I am right in thinking this is an IR35 dodge which will land any participants potentially in future hot water. I'm not touching it for sure.
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    Moved some posts to IR35 Reform to avoid confusion.
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