For me personally it has been helpful to consider it as "paying back what I owe and not a penny more" and that it was effectively the cheapest 100k I could have borrowed, particularly given the interest at the time. Fortunately the leg up I made in structuring my finances meant I jumped the housing ladder and my money is in equity.

Those in deeper than me, or that lived off of their money, I feel for. It has taken me a long time to come to some sort of peace with it all, but I think I'm somewhere close. It does however cement my opinion of this government and HMRC and I feel a great deal of unjust over the lack of action over the multi-national corporations paying f-all in to the pot, the 7 lives lost could have been saved through making an example of Amazon, Google, Apple, Starbucks and all the other businesses paying their share holders off of avoidance.