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    Quote Originally Posted by Chana View Post
    So maybe some hope. My accountant is currently preparing my new tax return for the loan charge.

    Do you know what your tax advisor had to do?

    I will speak to accountant who also offer tax advice
    They just drew their attention to the SA and wording we had put to cover the settlement and loan charge.

    And the paperwork we had with all the settlement details etc.,

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    Quote Originally Posted by GregRickshaw View Post
    I had a similar issue. Similar timeline, call to see if I had all I needed etc.,
    I confirmed I had agreed to settle, then I got my settlement details including TTP etc., All agreed and signed etc.,
    I have since started this plan with a lump sum and then increments etc.,

    However, I then received a letter to say I hadn't sent my SA on time, which was true I sent it end September 2020 as agreed.
    But they had also included a loan charge and I now had to pay this.

    I sent it onto my tax advisors who have subsequently sorted this issue.

    Long story short I just think yours (like mine) is a mix up at source.
    If you don't have a tax advisors then a call to them will probably suffice.
    With regards to the loan charge you had to pay. Are HMRC refunding this to you?

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