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    Quote Originally Posted by dammit chloe View Post
    All I want is for people to see that Hoey is the only case that matters at the moment as it has actually seen the inside of a court room unlike some.
    That requires people to open their eyes.

    Like you, I have no skin in the game. I never used a loan scheme, and the scheme I did use I settled a few years ago.
    Scoots still says that Apr 2020 didn't mark the start of a new stock bull market.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dammit chloe View Post
    Just cause it is subscription doesn't make it the same FFS. They are not a litigation, sorry resolution, group. I had no time for their tweeting nonsense as I was also doing a lot of work for LCAG at the time and it was very distracting. I have little time for tax advisors of any name but I believe MH/GB's take is probably more on the money than some want to believe.

    So no, not nail on head. Far from it. Just more made up nonsense which seems to be this forum's main purpose.

    If you did have time for Matt Hall and Gordon Berry's tweeting nonsense you would also have seen there attempts to derails Loan Charge APPG NC31 amendment, which is successful may have been the death of the Loan Charge, in favour of there own which stood virtually no chance of passing.

    I find it hard to believe you were "doing a lot of work for LCAG at the time " if you would give these 2 the time of day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JusticeSeeker939 View Post
    Actually, the real enemy are snake oil salesmen enticing people into schemes which either didn’t do what they were meant to or were merely traps to try to fleece those trusting later on.
    In no way would I absolve those characters but once again, you utterly miss the obvious point on who the enemy is in this fight. Please wake up.

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