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    Quote Originally Posted by Kent1515 View Post
    hi - my first post here, I'll try to be brief.

    I was in the Edge EBT scheme for 18 months during the tax years 2007/08 - 2008/09. In 2015 HMRC contacted me and offered me the Contractor Settlement Opportunity which I took (I realise now I perhaps should have fought/appealed but I was in a very low place at the time and wanted them off my back so I could move on with my life). They said I owed circa 9.5k in tax for tax year 2008/09 and asked me to provide any other information.

    I paid the 9.5k and gave them full details of the two tax years that I was in the scheme. They wrote back thanking me for payment and said the following 'I note that you included details of loans received for the 2007-08 tax year, HMRC did not protect it's position within the required time limits and therefore no further action will be taken with this year'.

    In June 2018 they wrote to me again asking the same question about the EBT in 2007/08. I replied with a copy of their own letter stating the above and drawing their attention to it, hoping that would be the end of the matter. However, just over a year later they have now written to me, not mentioning their previous stance/letter and giving me a month to agree to pay.

    Is their letter of 2015 in which they say the matter is closed not worth anything in my defence?
    If you haven't already could you send redacted copies of these comms explaining the background to LCAG (contact@HMRCloancharge.info ) and the Loan Charge APPG ( contact@loanchargeappg.co.uk ).

    We are always in need of such things that show the contradictory claims HMRC make.

    And yes show this to your MP.

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    Just be aware that LCAG are not tax advisers. They are an action group against the loan charge.

    They do some excellent work and have a campaign against the loan charge running which has made good progress but it sounds as though your need is for more basic advice.
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