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Forum: HMRC Scheme Enquiries

For discussions relating to enquiry letters being sent out by HMRC.

  1. Sticky Thread Sticky: HMRC settlement Deadlines/delays and the LC

    There's a lot of understandable worry and panic as deadline number 1 approaches. So I'm posting this to calm fears on the same queries I keep hearing These are 100% correct. HMRC will tell you themselves and i've got it in writing from them also. 1.You only need to register interest by 31...

    Started by phil@dswtres, 17th May 2018 12:32
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    10th December 2018 23:35 Go to last post
  2. Sticky Thread Sticky: Please read this if you are desperate and feel you are running out of options

    **Mods please consider making this a sticky. i think in the next few months/years there are going to be people coming to this forum who feel they have been blindsided by what is happening and may be desperate enough to try and take their own life and I have already seen some comments about people...

    Started by davetza, 4th December 2017 18:37
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    10th December 2018 10:25 Go to last post
  3. Sticky Thread Sticky: BIG GROUP

    Mod edit: Joining instructions. This started elsewhere but should be on its own. I have two takers so far. To clarify this BIG GROUP is ONE GROUP across ALL schemes. It does not impact action individuals may wish to take on their own or via other groups.

    Started by webberg, 24th April 2015 14:32
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    31st October 2018 13:46 Go to last post
  4. Sticky Thread Sticky: Time to Pay

    HMRC have, as most will know, recently offered a 5 year time to pay for those earning under 50k in 18/19 if you are a victim of their loan charge nonsense. May I remind people that this is a minimum and if you cant afford it (and quite frankly who can?) then please remember its a starting point of...

    Started by phil@dswtres, 25th July 2018 17:17
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    11th October 2018 11:24 Go to last post
  5. Sticky Thread Sticky: Disappearing loans?

    It's a common feature of these threads that lenders have become difficult to find and engage with. We have recently had some experience in this arena. In most schemes that used loans, certainly until 2011, loans were advanced by the company acting as trustee for a trust. In some cases, the...

    Started by webberg, 13th April 2017 17:12
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    4th September 2018 09:41 Go to last post
  6. Sticky Thread Sticky: Trust Loan Agreements (terms 5-10 years) what are our legal options? (no BG please)

    All, As many of are at the moment are busy settling with HMRC for something which was not fully our mistake, but we just go mis-sold. I though it would be good to create a thread regarding Loan agreement specific to those who have 5 or 10 years loan. Most of us were badly mis-sold these scheme...

    Started by RoGeorge, 26th April 2018 21:04
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    26th August 2018 11:47 Go to last post
  7. Sticky Thread Sticky: AML Loan Charge Calculator

    Use this calculator. Worked Example Tax year 2008/9. You received a salary of 15k. You paid 1,793 in tax on it.

    Started by Loan Ranger, 24th April 2018 11:36
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    9th August 2018 13:48 Go to last post
  8. Exclamation Sticky Thread Sticky: Schemes like Vanquish which claim to bypass the Loan Charge

    These schemes are extremely aggressive and very high risk. In case you aren't aware of this, the LC is a law passed by Parliament. It was a major part of the Budget. Anyone using a scheme, to get around it, would be regarded as deliberately and wilfully flouting the law. HMRC have to uphold...

    Started by Loan Ranger, 21st April 2018 08:21
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    22nd June 2018 18:02 Go to last post
  9. Sticky Thread Sticky: Public Service Announcement - Who's watching you?

    HMRC and scammy, dodgy 'solutions' providers - that's who! Sharks from both sides of the fence are circling people, sharks who are trying to find an 'in' to get past your defences and grab your money. Take care who you accept PM's from - don't be too open exchanging information until you've...

    Started by cojak, 5th June 2018 12:38
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    6th June 2018 11:38 Go to last post
  10. Sticky Thread Sticky: Tempted to join a new contractor scheme? Ask the following

    13 Questions you MUST ask about any scheme you are offered The following is based on a piece originally written by and now replicated with kind permission of Jolyon Maugham QC and first appeared on the waitingfortax blog in 2014. I have shortened it and consequently any errors are mine. ...

    Started by webberg, 12th June 2015 15:08
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    23rd March 2016 15:41 Go to last post
  1. Trust help line email help!

    Hi all, I have been contacted via email by Trust help line with the following email. Dear Sir / Madam. Your former Employer wrote to you in April 2018 regarding your outstanding Employee Benefit Trust Loan position(s). Please see a copy of the attached letter that was sent to you, to...

    Started by Hairybiker66, 23rd May 2018 15:08
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  2. Poll Poll: Montpelier & Newquay 10% loan repayment demands

    Keywords: Montpelier Rathowen Newquay Professional Fernleigh Ronsard Watkin Gittins Corrance Hazelmere If you have received a letter from the Trustees, demanding repayment of 10% of your loans, follow this thread. Think very carefully before repaying. More info to come...

    Started by Loan Ranger, 7th April 2016 06:43
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    Today 07:44 Go to last post
  3. AML 2019 Loan Charge

    Hi, I received this communication from AML today in relation to the 2019 Loan Charge. Upon reading it does appear that AML are shifting liability and advising ex users to contact 3rd party services for advise! - Has anyone else had contact with AML recently and can anyone recommend next...

    Started by jrock, 16th April 2018 10:33
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  4. Montpelier DTA scheme bulletin

    This thread will provide news and information on the ongoing dispute with HMRC over the Montpelier double tax scheme (BN66/s58). It may also be of interest to deGraaf and Steed users. I will try and post an update every Friday morning, whether there is anything to report or not. The latest...

    Started by DonkeyRhubarb, 8th August 2016 18:38
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    Yesterday 11:45 Go to last post
  5. Cannot decide whether or not to settle

    Just going round in circles over this. Have had independent advice. Still can't decide. Received my settlement figures from HMRC. Could afford to pay. Tempted to pay to draw a line under this whole mess. The psychological relief would be worth it. Can't keep going on with the uncertainty. But...

    Started by MoreCandles, 6th December 2018 17:17
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    Yesterday 06:56 Go to last post
  6. 31st May Deadline - All news to me!

    Only found out about this today! Not registered have I missed the deadline? Tax return was for 2014/2015 when I used IQ for 6 months. HMRC already did enquiry and I paid tax but no loan declared on return as per advice at the time. Now find all this info on these forms. Bit of a rabbit in...

    Started by uppoocreek, 1st June 2018 08:34
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    16th December 2018 12:36 Go to last post
  7. Loan Charge - a beginners guide

    The following is intended to be as simple a guide as possible to those who have had no prior knowledge of the loan charge. Ultimately, if you are confused as to how this might apply to your own circumstances, you should take appropriate advice. What is the loan charge? It's a charge to...

    Started by webberg, 20th August 2018 14:19
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    16th December 2018 11:58 Go to last post
  8. IQ loan agreement 2015

    Sorry if this has already been covered in another thread... Is anyone able to help with providing a template for the loan agreement under IQ around 2015/2016? I stupidly lost it when I moved house last year. I imagine everyone that was signed up with them around that time had a standard...

    Started by Taxnovice, 14th December 2018 19:14
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    14th December 2018 19:14 Go to last post
  9. Can the S58 affected also have this please!!

    Lots of focus on Loan retrospection. I hope they get this over turned as all those affected by S58 2008 should have the same rights! We declared all on our SA's, we were hit with a 2008 retro tax but because were not nurses or social workers somehow its ok? 2019 Loan Charge: What the Lords...

    Started by smalldog, 5th December 2018 10:12
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    14th December 2018 11:09 Go to last post
  10. Loan charge - who tells whom

    There are a lot of threads here where people say things like: "I've heard nothing from HMRC, what should I do?", or "HMRC has not contacted me regarding the loan charge". Let's be VERY CLEAR. If you have had loans that are within the definition of "loan" for loan charge purposes, YOU...

    Started by webberg, 11th December 2018 10:24
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    13th December 2018 15:29 Go to last post
  11. Winchester Contractors Trust Help line -Contact Details

    Please can anyone help ,I have e-mailed the on several occasions 7 days ago and I am still awaiting a reply, please can anyone advise if this is the norm and does anyone have a Phone Number that I can contact them direct as my account has advised that I need...

    Started by Mike D, 3rd September 2018 11:06
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    13th December 2018 15:05 Go to last post
  12. Any settlement figures yet?

    Thousands of people registered and sent in data (where available) to HMRC well before the deadline for CLSO2. So would be surprised if there weren't at least a small number of settlement figures already sent out from HMRC. Are we aware of any? Or is HMRC taking its usual, predictable action...

    Started by ChimpMaster, 29th November 2018 14:36
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    12th December 2018 23:26 Go to last post
  13. Treasury Sub-Comittee - Meeting

    There was a meeting yesterday between CIOT (Ray McGann) and the Treasury Sub-Committee The full TV thingy is here and is interesting.

    Started by Joolsey86, 11th December 2018 12:04
    • Replies: 2
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    12th December 2018 10:53 Go to last post
  14. URGENT: PHISHING ATTEMPTS: New development on HMRC Loans Charge - Loans repayment!

    WARNING!!! Dear All, Who were previously misinformed regarding Contractors Loans. I was working using Sanzar, using a contractor loans scheme over a period of about 2-3 years. I decided to take the opportunity to settle up with HMRC, as I was finding it too stressful, and at the time, I was...

    Started by Willy Wicket, 11th December 2018 13:07
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    11th December 2018 15:11 Go to last post
  15. Could I end up paying HMRC the tax and being asked to pay my loan back?

    Hi. I’m new here and seeking advice so please be gentle. I’ve tried to read as much as possible about the loan charge. I can’t afford the tax advice. Last week, I had the letter from HMRC about possible disguised remuneration and I contacted them. They said they are querying an umbrella...

    Started by ClareGunne, 5th December 2018 21:11
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    disguised remuneration, hmrc, loan charge
    • Replies: 12
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    10th December 2018 10:24 Go to last post
  16. House of Lords report censures HMRC

    and is here: House of Lords - Economic Affairs Committee - The Powers of HMRC: Treating Taxpayers Fairly It has had national press coverage. HMRC/Stride has already tried to claim that their Lordships are in error and that HMRC is doing a fine job in implementing the legislation that your...

    Started by webberg, 4th December 2018 10:37
    • Replies: 8
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    6th December 2018 10:48 Go to last post
  17. Settling and writing off loans

    Looking for some advice on settling loans with HMRC. One of the questions they ask is whether it is intended to get the loans written off within 30 days if settlement. Has anyone done this? Are we potentially liable to pay inheritance tax immediately or can they charge this in years to come?

    Started by Aunewbie, 4th June 2018 06:55
    4 Pages
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    • Replies: 39
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    4th December 2018 21:01 Go to last post
  18. LOAN CHARGE expenses deductions

    Hi there, I have spent an hour or so looking through the forums but not found any details so apologies if this has been raised. I am looking for information on legitmate business expenses to deduct against the 58,000 I am liable for with the LC. Does anyone have any information to hand or...

    Started by beresd, 3rd December 2018 11:12
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 677
    4th December 2018 13:28 Go to last post
  19. Generic HMRC Loan Charge Enquiry Letter

    Hi, would very much appreciate your feedback. I received one of these letters stating "... I believe you have used an avoidance scheme..." dated 23rd, November. My questions are: - Has anyone received one of these letters this late? Are there any patterns as how HMRC send these letters?...

    Started by tk1944, 1st December 2018 12:46
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 871
    3rd December 2018 23:28 Go to last post
  20. Settlement (Anyone ever been offered a reduction)

    Hi all, A very simple question:- while discussing/negotiating with HMRC, has anyone been offered any kind of reduction, the amount of reduction doesn't matter, I'd just like to know if they offered anything off the amount which they say that you owed. Thanks

    Started by Babayaga, 2nd December 2018 22:16
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 748
    3rd December 2018 14:45 Go to last post

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