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    Quote Originally Posted by JohntheBike View Post
    by negative publicity I meant in a legal sense with relation to IR35 and the contracting environment, i.e. interested organisations will attempt to use the circumstances to their benefit.

    and yes, I agree if the Winchester issue was one of the utmost importance, why was there a meagre out of court settlement.

    my case was heard in the EAT in December 2002. As far as I understand, it set a precedent and precedents remain until overturned by later judgements. As I've replied in another post, the RMC case was heard in 1968 and has never been overturned subsequently.

    There may very well be many out there who are so incensed by the situation that they will want to go to the ET. It isn't beyond the bounds of imagination that this will happen more frequently now.
    Why does everything have to come back to a case 17 years old?

    We have now heard, ad nauseum, about your case and its claimed effects. Well done and congratulations.

    It is however not relevant now.

    The whole question of disguised employment, IR35, mass marketed loan schemes and the various other dodgy arrangements, has moved the entire debate on and I'm sorry, but your personal circumstances are of no relevance.

    In the interests of further debate actually also moving on, can we agree that we'll make no further reference to it and instead focus on the draft legislation we have in front of us and the impact that will have, now and in the future?

    Thank you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by webberg View Post
    We have now heard, ad nauseum

    You really haven't...

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