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Clients that want contractors will bother because, well, that is the law. Clients that don't, won't, obviously. Of the subset that don't, some will offer FTCs. Of the subset that don't offer FTCs, few will operate payroll themselves, I expect. That is my point. So most of that article is pointless and your OP about there now being "more reasons" to make a blanket inside determination is not coherent.

There is "a" reason to avoid contractors altogether, namely that it's their responsibility to make a determination now, but that reason has existed since the proposal was announced and has nothing to do with "blanketing". Blanketing means issuing an SDS that says "this contract is inside" and repeating that for a group of contracts. Umbrella companies have employees. So I think the confusion partly stems from your confused use of terminology and partly from nothing having changed recently.
OK, I was just using the term "blanketing" in a loose sense.