All contracts reviewed over 3weeks All contracts reviewed over 3weeks
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    Default All contracts reviewed over 3weeks

    Hi all
    My contract and all others in the client are now being reviewed over the next three weeks. My actual end date on my existing contract is 31 Oct.

    Should and very likely as a blanket approach without any input from me or my client, I believe they’ll say my contract is inside ir35 and all future renewals will be so too. (They’re too big of an organisation that’ll would be open to take a different view even if my client contact and I tried)

    What have others done in this position?

    Has their blanket approached cast doubt on all my time at the client?

    Should I work my “2 week notice” and leave or leave more immediately because working the notice period further makes it look like that I’m inside ir35. Although I’d want to work it just to ensure I dint screw up their plans on the project.

    Any advice? - what’s the best way a business handles this type of forced outcome where I can withdraw from the contract as they’ve effectively changed their view of it. (It’s setup so I can be outside ir35)

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    No one has had an official determination yet.

    If you think working notice is an issue with IR35 then you are probably inside already.

    I don't think you should be asking 'what should I do' all the time. You should be gathering information and the make your own decision.
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