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    Quote Originally Posted by ladymuck View Post
    Something like this? Your UTR / NI number tells them where you've been...
    And if you are working through an agency the agency needs to report against each UTR / NI number the amount paid to which company.

    If in April 2020 the company changes but nothing else does HMRC may come looking.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eek View Post
    I don't see a lot of investigations but I do see a lot of fishing trips similar to GSK to scare people into paying.
    I do too.

    And as well as company-wide letters a la GSK, I see campaigns along the lines of 'This week we're 'Investigating' self-employed doctors, but as part of a two-week amnesty, please come forward for a no-prosecution deal.'

    They aren't really investigating, but fishing.

    Substitute 'self-employed doctors' for 'April's Outside to Inside contractors' and you might have the basis for a similar campaign. If this one ever comes to light, keep your head below the parapet and all things being well, it won't get shot off.

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