New contract/client outside of IR35? Is this possible? New contract/client outside of IR35? Is this possible? - Page 2
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lance View Post
    a) It's not your problem
    b) HMRC aren't going to be knocking on those doors for quite some time so forget about it.
    yes, I guess you are correct. I'll advise the outcome when I know more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoJoGabor View Post
    Interested to hear the best way of getting the client to state that the contract will be determined outside of IR35 from April 6th. I assume this would have to be worded into the contract if you want to avoid being given your notice towards the end of March when the client realises what they've agreed to
    The best way to have the client say you are outside IR35 is to work in a manner compliant with the rules.

    The contract is always secondary to the facts. No amount of clever wording will alter those.
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    Your current agent is going to risk losing money - why you spoke to them to do more than give notice I'm not sure. They have a vested interest in you staying where you are. Clue: Agents generally lie when their lips are moving.
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