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I'm starting to get contracts, stating inside 35, how much would you increase your day rate for inside ir35 work?

I said + £250
I wouldn't.

Playing their game is only making a rod for your own back. And the backs for all contractors and the longer term future of contracting.

And by 'their', I mean a combination of the HMRC's game and by subsequent definition, the clients' game.

If all contractors who were Not offered Outside contracts, or at the very least a meaningful discussion between them and Deciders, left, then bloody quickly, this would bring about a very quick reversal of clients' thinking. This currently of, 'Let's not use PSCs.'

I understand there will be young contractors with families in need of constant cash flow who may need to buckle under. But at the very least, mature and long term contractors really should have the Business chops to see the future and force the issue.

A national dearth of contractors for two months would, I believe, force more enlightened client thinking.

It might have taken 12 months for the HMRC to start using Outside contractors. I would hope the Private Sector could foreshorten this somewhat.

With our 'help'.