IR35 and overseas contracts IR35 and overseas contracts
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    Default IR35 and overseas contracts

    My ltd company has signed a contract under Swedish law with a Swedish client for a one year (possibly longer) job.
    All work is done remotely from the UK with some trips abroad (not only Sweden) after covid has finished
    Do IR35 come into play here at all and if so from April 1st 2021 how would a non UK based company make that determination as they won't have clue what IR35 is?
    Anyone any ideas?
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    Overseas companies are exempt from making the determination. It's business as usual, up to you to make the determination.

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    You would remain responsible for making the IR35 legislation. The IR5 risk is still there as with any contract, so you would still want to make sure you are compliant from an IR35 perspective.

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    It depends whether the Swedish company has a UK presence. If they do, then that company (e.g., branch) is responsible for making the determination. Otherwise, the determination rests with YourCo, both now and after next April.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ricky@IntouchAccounting View Post
    You would remain responsible for making the IR35 legislation.
    Cool! I would like to propose some superficial amendments...

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