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    Apart from adverts the things that annoys me most on TV are previews and reviews in the news.

    I can understand that people without the sense to record a program and skip through it may want to see news headlines to decide if they want to watch the whole thing, but do we really need various breaks during the program to tell us, yet again, what's on a bit later? And, even worse, what has already been covered - "Our main news story this evening" Look 'ere! If anyone did not watch the program from the beginning that's their f* problem, don't bore the rest of us!

    In real life we get bloody reviews as well. If somebody snuffs it we hear all the details of their life at the funeral, obituaries or in the news, depending on how famous they were. Ah well, at least we don't get previews of their life when they are born. - Yet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NotAllThere View Post
    Why can't winter be in summer, so the ski day is longer? Also, if summer were in winter, the longer nights give more time for the air to cool down, saving on the need for fans or a/c units.
    There are some places where it's daylight 24/7. Move there it you want)

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