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    Quote Originally Posted by DoctorStrangelove View Post
    Mellow, man, really really mellow, you know?
    well, it might be a mellowtron
    Entropy is NOT what it used to be.
    Inertia, however........................

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    after the very enjoyable making of much noise
    You'll have to speak up I'm a bit deaf.

    Quote Originally Posted by NickFitz View Post
    Continuing with the Dirty Harry collection, tonight's movie was The Enforcer (1976), which is a solid enough contribution to the series
    That's the one where Henry out of Hill St. Blues gets offed by Our Hero.

    Joe Spano - IMDb

    In other news, I've got to the module testing stage with the intermodulation thing.

    The reason the oscillator wouldn't is because I'd left a capacitor out.

    I've now got a hole in my hand from the trim tool while frantically turning the two pots from one end to the other while it never had a chance of working.

    Ho hum.

    Well the rest of them work as far as I can test without a handful of missing bits.

    Which is relatively good.

    Note to self: when these cheapo digital voltmeters are showing the "Low Bat" sign, the accuracy goes to pot and not in a good way.

    When it says the 15V rail is measuring 19V you know something is wrong.

    Never had that particular foible with AVO 8s.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BR14 View Post
    well, it might be a mellowtron

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