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    Quote Originally Posted by ladymuck View Post
    No trundling today. I seem to have slipped into availing of the Tuesday collection lately.

    I forgot to trundle garden waste yesterday. 2 week wait now, although I might throw some on the compost heap and maybe burn some.
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    Morning all



    White sky with blue patches.


    18.9 degrees today in here, as against 24 earlier in the week.

    Apparently it's Friday again, which explains why the smalls are about to leave the tender care of the WM & meet the TD.


    Smalls in the TD, shirts in the WM.
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    New ISP cutover this morning....

    Sky to Vodafone - so far so good, though the range of the Voda-Router doesn't seem great...Ah well, after yesterday's PearsonVue debacle I shall take deep breaths and accept that I have "First-World Problems".
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    Morning denizens

    A bit sunny from time to time in the east

    This seems to be a temporary aberration though; there are traces of overnight rain, it's only 9°C out, quite windy, and there's a huge bank of ominous-looking cloud occupying much of the sky to the north and west. Rain due later, and it'll be very windy this afternoon even if there is a bit of token sunshine, it seems

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    It transpires that what I thought were swifts or swallows hurtling up & down the back lane alongside the canal are actually house martins.

    Glad we've cleared that up.
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