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  1. Wow, it sucks more that I imagined to be inside...

    Wow, it sucks more that I imagined to be inside IR35!

    What are you suggesting? That I employ my wife just to utilize her personal allowance? As if .... :banana:
  2. How does being inside IR35 work if you have staff?

    I am contracting for a large bank via an agency. As with most I'm bracing myself for the new rules in April 2020 and trying to understand any potential impact as best I can. I don't hold much...
  3. Should I (politely) decline 'staff' training?

    I'm contracting through my ltd co, and am based on-site at the client's site. I have been asked to complete some online 'staff' training, namely:

    A Workstation assessment
    The Bribery Act 2010
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