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    Very true about the awards. I’m back from holiday...

    Very true about the awards. I’m back from holiday next week and sending across to Admin copies of my photo ID when get back. As for reasons leaving Dynamo as previously posted, I’ve known the tax...
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    For reviews search Dynamo from where recently...

    For reviews search Dynamo from where recently jumped ship with a couple of the guys from there.
  3. Three at the < 25% level

    Three at the < 25% level
  4. New Direction

    The transition from mid tier footballer to actor was a bit tricky, although a few years rolling around on the pitch injured was good rehearsal :rollin:
  5. Accountants

    Not quite, still here.

    @Zardoz definitely not. And I presume every Steve, Dave or any other name born in the same month is the same person. Working for regulated firms in the last few years...
  6. Would tend to agree with the risk mitigation but...

    Would tend to agree with the risk mitigation but also add that it's the saving on time sourcing new contractors/staff at the outset, as well as that most individuals go to agencies to source new...
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    Yep, you weren't the only one.....had a similar issue with a couple others as well as yours @Malvolio . The payroll processing team appeared to be in a different location from what I recall.
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    Agree with long as your mileage is at approved rates AND relate to business travel only, you don't need to declare these on the form. Sign and return to the tax office.
  9. Dividends

    Not much point in paying out extra in terms of an additional salary through the company. You'd end up paying basic rate tax on the full whack even if keep it at the NI threshold.

    As Alan say,...
  10. SPV

    Agree with @Maslins, good idea to sit down and work out the figures with a pen/paper/spreadsheet. Not forgetting the stamp duty implications as well as potentially triggering a CGT event. There may...
  11. Did you tell your accountant that this would be...

    Did you tell your accountant that this would be the main and only trade of the company as well as remaining in the same structure?
  12. Working abroad

    If the work is being carried out in Portugal then would need to be declared over there. Not sure on the cost of setting up and maintaining a Portuguese company is but a quick google search will find...
  13. New Direction

    A change of direction in a company does happen, have seen it a couple of times as part of a wider planning exercise. The move into property is a popular one (as opposed to an additional SPV) or some...
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    "cough" tax avoidance "cough" @NLUK style have...

    "cough" tax avoidance "cough"

    @NLUK style have you asked your accountant?

    So setting up a different share of class for the purpose of diverting income, think that would stand out a little. ...
  15. :popcorn:

  16. Would recommend the guys at SFP Group, dealt with...

    Would recommend the guys at SFP Group, dealt with a couple of clients and good feedback. Suggest chatting with Daniel Plant on
  17. Accountants

    As the guys mention, worthwhile discussing with the outgoing accountant to move the date of the first payment, most will be quite amenable.

    Check your T&C's to make sure they're entitled to the...
  18. Sticky: Accountants

    You can in theory transfer at any point in the year end but best check your T&C's to make sure they're not going to charge for the remainder of the year. We don't have notice periods, other firms do...
  19. to keep things separate to keep things separate
  20. Dodgy Tax Schemes

    <mod snip>
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    How are you managing Making Tax Digital when it comes online from next year? Manual submissions?
  22. Banks

    Metro seem to be ok at the moment, eager to maintain a relationship but not too good if you're outside London.

    Found Barclays to be ok for the umbrella company, but that's with having healthy...
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    If it was a cost decision then wouldn't be either of these. The usability of Freeagent is much better than Xero, etc. From a cost perspective it's about mid-tier, especially with the discounts...
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    Xero is a nice piece of software but overkill for contractors.
  25. Is convicted ex accountant Darren Upton practicing?

    Cheers Alan, think someone’s having a few too many shandies for a Friday night! And someone who’s been registered for an hour, sounds like someone who’s lost a few clients after I’d left.....sour...
  26. Banks

    Barclays, Santander, Lloyds and Tide all work well with Freeagent. HSBC have dual login at the moment, bit of a pain but works ok.
  27. Sticky: Couldn’t agree more

    Couldn’t agree more
  28. Could be a few options regarding the funds left...

    Could be a few options regarding the funds left in the company, probably best to speak with the accountant so can run through in detail. Any pension scheme in place for example, are you looking to...
  29. Are you needing the points? Definitely the...

    Are you needing the points?

    Definitely the company debit card.
  30. SJD

    Shouldn't cost a penny.....we've taken on a few and they've not been charged to move. :happy
  31. FCSA

    Perhaps send a complaint into Julia at the FCSA and see what she says?
  32. They're absolute garbage but as you say, on sites...

    They're absolute garbage but as you say, on sites to promote services. Some are that far out it borders on mis-selling
  33. Very true, narrow escape! :eek

    Very true, narrow escape! :eek
  34. Freeagent

    Quite surprised Iris didn't go for it, they already owned 9.6% of FA.
  35. Cash offer received for Freeagent

    Looks like the RBS/NatWest interest in Freeagent goes deeper then originally thought!


    New income stream for the bank!
  36. Accountants

    I'd recommend you instruct an accountant to sort this lot out (I know, slightly biased viewpoint). Based on the above, there could be a lot more tax savings that could be made depending on your...
  37. Sticky: Freeagent

    :hug: Ouch.....don't think can remember that far back @NLUK

    Would agree though that struggling to see where there's any benefit of not operating through one of the online platforms. Seems like...
  38. Sticky: Freeagent

    I'm sure most firms would provide an alternative (e.g. Xero, etc) or revert back to spreadsheets if you'd prefer. Personally, wouldn't recommend it however and may be better to find another firm...
  39. Sticky: Insurance

    +1, always a bit dubious about the quality of the policies offered as part of any package.
  40. Charges

    Hmmmm, perhaps we should be charging for this then......normally cover it as standard help through the year as it's pretty straight forward.
  41. Vouchers

    From HMRC link:-

    You don’t have to pay tax on a benefit for your employee if all of the following apply:

    it cost you £50 or less to provide
    it isn’t cash or a cash voucher
    it isn’t a...
  42. Sticky: Calculators are based on extracting all the cash,...

    Calculators are based on extracting all the cash, basically stripping out every penny during the year, they don't take into consideration proper tax planning so should only be used as a guide. In...
  43. First Freelance

    Looks like the announcement has been released about First Freelance

  44. Liquidators

    Referring to the infamous statement of affairs fee! Seems to be becoming less frequent these days. :laugh
  45. Dividends

    Depending on your individual tax circumstances, it is possible.

    Your account mentions your wife "gifting" shares to you as well?
  46. Directors

    Couple of issues around it, first being that recruiters prefer to have the consultant as a director so you may come up with a barrier on that front.

    Also, you have to be careful that you don't...
  47. First Freelance

    Quite a few were in for it from what I understand. The valuations being a lot higher than traditional accountancy practices despite the increase in risk.

    Have you a link to the news?
  48. First Freelance

    Yep, spoke with the guys there a few times. Interesting that SJD ended up top of the pile in the bidding war for First Freelance.
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    I'd suggest having a chat with Chris Parry at Fortis Insolvency as he's dealing with a number of similar cases. Link here
  50. Tax

    The limited company model would be a lot more efficient at that level. I'd suggest a run through the pros and cons with an accountant who should be able to provide you with some comparisons.
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