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  1. Petition asking for NHS Agency Workers trapped in the Loan Charge

    Petition . Please prevent HMRC action hurting thousand of NHS Heroes through retrospective tax bills .

    Please support this petition by signing, sharing and asking everyone in your...
  2. A call for Government to make outstanding loan note void

    Please look at this twitter link, please like and re-tweet, the directors of these umbrella firm need to be stoped, make the loans void and stop them from collecting further profits!
  3. The Chancelor is ion BBC Breakfast tomorrow morning 9th July!

    I urge everyone to contact #BBCBreakfast and ask Chancellor Rishi Sunak and ask why he is not doing more to address the damage the Loan Charge is creating to so many.

    Whatsapp: 07990 998866....
  4. Twitter Poll on Loan Charge please give me you vote on this key issue
  5. 7 Lives Lost to Suicide Due to Loan Charge – Media enabling Government to bury story

    Folks, good morning and thanks for accepting my participation in this important network.

    I am sure you are all as outraged as I am around the Contractor Loan Charge and the application of...
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