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  1. Sure. You hold the power on this forum.

    Sure. You hold the power on this forum.
  2. There was no personal information there. This is...

    There was no personal information there. This is no longer his number. It is therefore historical information. Why delete it?
  3. Focus

    Let our advisors and legal teams worry about the legal matters.
  4. Felicitas: Identify

    <mod snip>... <mod snip - you claim to know a name, but then say "unless someone knows otherwise" - please do not name individuals if you are as unsure are you!>
    She is the one. Unless someone knows...
  5. Your rights.. the 300

    Throughout history people have been attacked. You have many choices. Have someone defend you. Defend yourself. In chess they say attack is the best form of defence.

    Don't let them win. Identify...
  6. Replies

    Sticky: pre Dec 2010

    You mention that "Loans arising out of the above schemes - mainly post Dec 2010". Can you give some details about the schemes prior to Dec 2010?
  7. With you

    I am sure that there are a lot of us that stand with you. If it all goes Pete Tong then this public information will be helpful. Keep strong even if it looks bad as I doubt that he will enjoy any ill...
  8. Trust money

    If our invoiced money went into a Trust to be held for us and then we received money as loans, then how to we get the money from the trust that was being held for us. We can then pay down the loan.
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    Hi All,

    I am registered with CH and CM due to being a member of Sanzar and Garaway. As they are employed by the scheme owner and offering limited assistance, I am looking to see if there is a...
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