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  1. VAT seems a bit wonky

    Ok so if I were to delay registering for VAT until I reached £85K earnings, then register, would I only collect VAT for the +/- £15K outstanding income for the earnings above the threshold? (ie, that...
  2. Is VAT punitive for threshold contractors?

    Hi guys,

    I am an IT contractor working in London, my turnover is around £84K PA and I charge £450 per day.

    I can charge £550 per day however that would mean I would go over the threshold and...
  3. Expendable commodity

    Thanks folks - it is pretty much the business we are in being an expendable commodity. I have in the interim secured the additional 2 weeks after hassling the recruiter to chase the client - so...
  4. Extensions to contract not signed but agreed on email

    Hello -
    Being an IT contractor working under my own LTD, I was offered a 3 month extension a couple weeks ago by my recruiter on behalf of the client for who I have been engaged with for the last 6...
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