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  1. I re-read the contract, and it doesn't contain...

    I re-read the contract, and it doesn't contain all the words I heard verbally, merely quotes the annnual cost, so contractually I'm stuffed. I'm still waiting for them to respond the dispute case I...
  2. Software Supplier calculates support costs incorrectly - charging VAT on VAT

    I'm disputing an annual invoice for software maintenance - it's the first one I've received, and I reckon they've overcharged me, so I disputed it.

    The annual charge for Support is 22% of the...
  3. RTI

    RTI is definitely the spur for the change in approach. I suspect the additional cost they want to impose brings their fee up to the same as their competitors charge, so perhaps it's a good deal...
  4. so why would they recommend such a low salary?

    In that case, surely most of my accountant's clients are laying themselves wide open to an investigation by folloiwng the accountant's recommendation
  5. no leg to stand on?

    Annoyingly, it says "The Service calculates salary based on PAYE drawings up to the annual National Insurance threshold and then on the payment of dividends. The service does not operate a monthly...
  6. being charged because I don't want to be 'tax efficient'

    I do all my company accounting online, and get a great service, though there are some manual things I need to ask them to do, because I want to pay myself a higher salary than they recommend. Up to...
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    Tool selection

    For a quick list of tools, see Data Modelling Tools.

    Your choice depends on a lot of factors, including the budget, type(s) of models (see A Pyramid of Data Models « George is a Metadata Junkie,...
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