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    I did ask for them to reduce the rate, but they...

    I did ask for them to reduce the rate, but they weren't having it at the time, they certainly weren't reducing their rates and their closure fees were ridiculous.
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    Director PAYE going Perm

    Hi All,

    So I've been out of contract since the beginning of March..... I have now taken the plunge and have gone perm and I plan to close the Limited Company, its just not viable anymore.

  3. I spoke to my accountant today and the concensus...

    I spoke to my accountant today and the concensus is that it won't be completely abolished, however there will be some changes. Reduction to the lifetime limit, adjustment of the ER discount etc.

  4. Poor timing given IR35

    If they are to scrap it, it would be awful timing given IR35.

    I am sure many are considering the future of their limited company given the market change (me included).

    This would indeed be a...
  5. Making Partner a Director and Shareholder

    Hi All,

    Looking for advice on the process to make my wife a director and Shareholder in my Limited company.

    I opened the limited company 5 years ago and I am the sole director. I have been...
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