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  1. Oh dear lord

    i hope no one ever asked me to feedback on Wipro
  2. Thanks all

    Thanks for all the comments, i think will handle it by saying I cant be involved in internal permanent staff employee appraisals, but am happy to give verbal informal feedback. As for if they have...
  3. Contractor asked to participate in Performance appraisal


    I have just been given a 4 day deadline to provide constructive feedback on 3 people whom are permanent for my current client. 2 questions

    1 - Am i supposed to be involved in such...
  4. Replies

    Same Same

    I am also on £500 a day and the calculator tells me i need £116k to go perm.

    Using a contractor to perm calculator it says;

    Contract outside of IR35:
    Net monthly income is around £6,001...
  5. Thread: IR35 concerns

    by CSC

    IR35 concerns

    Hello some general advice please.

    I have been in my current contract for 1 year due to 3 extensions; the business recently put out a news statement about building out the team with 7 new Hires. ...
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