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  1. eTeam Just Contacted Me

    I love the lists provided on the forum listing Indian Recruitment Consultancies. Just had eTeam contact me needless to say I sent them on their way with a suitable repose of diplomacy!
  2. MindTech

    Has anyone heard of MindTech? Looks like a foreign outsourcing company.
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    I fully agree with your views. Even having the latest cloud skill sets, its still very hard to get a contract. An agent told me a few days ago is that they are seeing alot of IT professionals being...
  4. Signs of Being Renewed/Signs Not Being Renewed

    From all of your in-depth experience of contracting over the years, what are the signs that you will be renewed? Likewise, what are the signs you will not be renewed?

    Any advice would be...
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    Best Way to Get Remoting Working

    What is the the best way to get 100% remote working contracts apart from the usual route of applying to Jobserve etc?
  6. Get a Second Legal Opinion

    What a dirty trick for the agency to do.

    You could speak to a legal representative/company familiar with employment law?
  7. Was Given a Contact

    I was given a contract. The upshot was that the client had a SOW with the third party up to the end of the year.
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    Its Only Business

    You are a contractor so things change. You have to move on.
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    Work For the Client Directly

    Could you work for the client directly without involving a recruitment agent?
  10. Its a Statement of Work

    The contract turned out to be a Statement of Work (SOW). Has any other one else come across this?
  11. Job Advertised at Six Months Offered Three Months Instead

    Just received the Contract from the client stipulating three months instead of six months. The client is to doing work for a third party where I will be working soley on the third party site.

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    2019: Is Brexit and/or IR35 Killing the Market

    Is Brexit AND/OR ir35 killing the contractor market?

    Or, have the ratio of the number of IT contractors to each advertised vacancy increased?
  13. Sticky: Use Glass Door, Linked In and HMRC

    I would check:

    1. Recommend sites such as Glass Door to assess employee feedback and interview feedback.
    2. Look at the Linked In profiles of the senior management. Assess how they write...
  14. Not Intentiona

    Not my intention to play games.

    Another way to re-phrase, how long does it normally to receive the written contract after the agent has verbally confirmed you have won the role?
  15. re: Continue To Apply For Other Roles When Having Already Accepted A Role Verbally

    Hi all,

    The background is that I have verbally accepted a contract, but I am still waiting for the contract to be sent to me.

    In this situation, would other contractors continue to apply for...
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